Tog Value

What does tog value mean for your sleep?

It’s not only the seasons that you should consider when buying a duvet. Everyone’s body has a different temperature in bed. Do you get a little chilly? Or do you always feel warm? However you heat up, or cool down, you should choose a duvet with the tog value that will give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. But what’s a tog?

The tog of your duvet governs how warm or cool you’ll be at night. It’s a unit that refers to the amount of body heat retained by your duvet. However, it doesn’t represent how heavy, light or thick the duvet may be. Surprisingly, lightweight duvets can insulate your body from the cold just as effectively as heavier ones. This is because some duvet fillings are better insulators than others. Here’s a quick guide to the tog that might be best for you:

• 3 or 4.5 tog indicates a cool duvet, which traps only a little heat, so would generally be used in the summer.

• 9.0 Tog or 10.5 tog is a warm duvet. Many people use these togs all year round.

• 13.5 tog very warm and cosy. Recommended for Winter use.

• 13.5 Tog: 4.5 Tog + 9.0 tog are a good solution for all year round use. Two duvets that may be used separately, i.e. a duvet for Summer and a duvet for in Spring and Autumn. Or they may be buttoned together in Winter. These are usually called All Seasons duvets.

So now you can choose the tog that suits your body the best.