Our Story

What’s the story behind your Superior Slumber?

The quality and high standards of Superior Slumber, were set by a young tailor in Hungary in 1929.

On his way to his tailor shop, near the Tisza River, young Tibor Kovach realised that the geese, who shed their feathers before each Winter, were the source of the softest, most comfortable, bedding filling. So, he decided to gather the feathers to sell to his tailoring customers.

As his feathers became more and more popular, Tibor built up a team of workers to cope with the increasing demand – and the beginnings of Superior Slumber were established.

In the 1950s Tibor decided to relocate to Switzerland, where he continued to gather and sell the softest feathers to his European customers. Then, in the early 1970s, two of his grandchildren, Andros and Bartal, moved to London to expand the business into the chilly heart of the UK. The growing business was called Swiss Sweet Dreams and its reputation for quality continued to expand into Europe.

In 2016 the Kovach family decided to complement its fillings with a range of duvets, pillows and other bedding products of their own. They established a factory back in Hungary and installed the latest equipment to produce their superior products. The new company was, appropriately, called Superior Slumber.

From Tibor’s first foray into the fields, the Kovach’s family business has collected only ethically sourced feathers. This means that our products only contain feathers obtained in a non-invasive and humane way. All of our raw materials are obtained only from verified sources. Our sources supply details of the origin and method of harvesting and all products go through the IDFL testing laboratory. Every batch we use is fully certificated. All Superior Slumber products can be fully traced from raw material to finished product, from the feather fill inside to the lining materials outside.

Ninety years later, we’re still a family owned business that produces ethically sourced down bedding products to ensure you can sleep soundly and comfortably. Which is why Superior Slumber gives you sweet dreams and peace of mind.